Выполняется перевод.

Welcome to the new Singidunum online site! We hope you like the new look, and are open to all suggestions.

One of the innovations is that now you can create an account on our site, and via the shopping cart send us the list of items you are interested in. After that, just as we did before - we contact you concerning the details of shipping and payment.

By creating an account you will have a better experience browsing and shopping on our site, by being able to get newsletters, notifications on selected items, you will be able to see your shopping history, the status of your order and the site will remeber your preferences.

As for the information you submit while creating your account - we ask for only the most neccessary info, such as your name, address and e-mail address. In addition, we offer the possibility of you entering several addresses, since it is important to us to know the delivery address (country) and the payment address (country). For example, you can opt to pay from the country you live in, but have the order delivered in Serbia. In that case, we can ship much faster. All in all, you may rest assured that we will protect your privacy.

However, making an account is not neccessary, you can still browse and use the cart system without creating an account, or you can just e-mail us with the product numbers of the items you wish to buy. The decision is, as it should be, up to you.

If you are a new customer, please read the following info carefully:

Due to the fact that we operate from Serbia, there are some restrictions that make it hard for us to implement all the payment options that you are maybe used to. Also, shipping from Serbia is much slower than we would like. This stands only for shipping abroad and if you are odering from Serbia, we ship in 48h time.

However, this site operates for over 10 years now, and in that time we have pretty much summed up what and how to do when it comes to payment and shipping.

Current practice implies that after you place order via email, we confirm that order and advise you in what time frame we could send it. Depending on the items ordered, delivery period extends from couple of days to couple of weeks, rarely a month.

Most items can not be sent by our post service easily, in many cases we have to get a permit for numismatic and phaleristic material. For that reason, only when we know with absolute certainty that we can send you what you ordered - we ask you to make the payment. Earlier we could only receive bank transfers, but now we also receive payments through PayPal (we provide the Paypal details upon confirmation of your order).

Checkout option - once you go to checkout, you will see these two options: Cash on delivery (valid only in Serbia) and Payment upon order confirmation.
Payment upon order confirmation option implies that after we process your order, you will be contact via e-mail and we will go through all the details.

It is very important to us to avoid the situation where you make a payment expecting your order to arrive in a matter of days, and then find out that it will take us, say, two weeks to deliver. Sometimes it is a matter of hurry for our customers, and we would not like to commit to speed when it is out of our control.

What is important is that we will receive payment ONLY when we can send what you ordered, and that you will always receive what you ordered in the quality you ordered (as featured on the picture).

We also have a return policy and in the last 10 years we have always stood up to it. You return the ordered items and we return your money or you can receive a credit up to that sum for your next purchase, if you choose so.

Once more - we Welcome You and hope you find our site enjoying!